If you’ve ever been handed a bottle of warm Coke on your way to work or descended upon on by an overzealous sampling team trying to get you to try a wine they know nothing about – you’ll understand why we exist.


But the execution is often awkward and inefficient.  LuvThat’s targeted partnership with Airbnb Hosts provides your brand with the opportunity to get you in front of the right people, in the right place where your product can truly be seen, felt and heard. Where it makes the most impact, creates the most meaning and where people can pay the most attention to it.

Guerrilla big events like Splendour in the Grass, Dark Mofo, and Vivid Festival without the sponsorship fees. Get your product into targeted homes with full merchandising for less than the cost of a postage stamp.

This is the way to connect with your audience, on their terms.


If you’re a brand looking to create an integrated product trial campaign or a Host looking to improve your Guest experience, please get in touch below.


We create integrated campaigns to help reach your customers in a targeted, measurable and engaging environment. All our campaigns are centred around product trial with a direct line of sight to purchase. This is how we do it

  • LuvThat place your product at the center of your customer’s attention
  • Ignites interest, engages and becomes a more memorable experience
  • Connects products in a unique context 
  • Gives niche brands a stage to present themselves in a meaningful setting 


Get connected with product trial opportunities from some of the world’s biggest brands. Never intrusive and always tasteful, we can help enhance your guests stay with clever product placement. Let us create surprise, delight – and a superior, more meaningful and differentiated experience for your guests. 

“It was great working with LuvThat. They were super helpful in supporting us in creating our campaign for Mardi Gras and were able to execute at unparalleled speed. Having the product not only placed but also merchandised in the home meant that our customers could actually try the product as intended.”